School Bus Advertising

No Bid Necessary With EIRCs Shared Service Agreement !

And No Up Front Bus Fees !

 Over 13 Counties available for advertisers covering the state of New Jersey.

School Bus Ads was the first to Roll Out Buses with Ads in NJ, Atlantic County Special Services received the first Comcast Ads and were on the road in Early Sept 2012 !

Are you a business looking for a new way to promote to your target audience? School bus advertising allows you to promote your products and services in a unique advertising program. Unlike traditional transit advertising, school bus advertising allows you to increase your visibility in highly populated residential zones, regions conventional advertising cannot reach.

Advertisers-Support your local school district and promote your business!

  • School bus advertising is cost efficient
  • Effectively promotes your business to a directly targeted audience
  • Be a school district community supporter-up to 65% of the revenue goes directly to the school district
  • Potential to advertise on over 13 Counties across the state of New Jersey.
  • Ask about our Introductory Rate Special for October.

Is your school district looking for ways to increase funding? With school bus advertising from EIRC, your school district can quickly and easily increase revenue. If your district has its own school buses, then you can take advantage of this great opportunity!

School Districts-Increase revenue with resources you already have!

  • We do the bidding for you! Using the EIRCs shared services agreement (EIRC is an LEA)
  • We do all of the work for you We find the advertisers for your buses
  • We install and remove all of the ads on the buses
  • No upfront fees, no cost to the District
  • Up to 65% of Ad Revenue goes directly to the school district (depending on contract length)

 Get on board with a positive and unique advertising program today with!