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School Bus Ads The key to funding education

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How it Works for the School District

School Bus Advertising service makes it easy for advertisers and school districts to use school buses as a means to generate revenue”

  • How it Works for the School District:
    • Is your school district looking for ways to increase funding? With SchoolBusAds.org, your school district can quickly and easily increase revenue.
      • We install and remove all of the advertisements from the school buses
      • No cost to the school district
      • Up to 65% of Ad revenue goes directly to the school district
    • Get Started Today!
      • Notify SchoolBusAds.org,  of your intent to become part of the initiative by contacting  schoolbusadvertising@gmail.com
      • Next sign the performance contract ( Falls under concession )
      • We will notify your school district when there is a suitable advertiser available
      • Upon the district preliminary approval, SchoolBusAds.org will have the advertiser begin the process of designing the advertisement which will then be provided to the school district for review and approval by the Board of Education.  At this time, the district will also be provided with a quotation of the amount of revenue the district will receive for the advertising.
      • Once approval for the advertisement is passed by the Board of Education, advertising installment will be scheduled with the school district
      • Payments will be sent quarterly to the District.


How it Works for Advertiser

  • Notify SchoolBusAds of the intent to become part of the statewide initiative.
  • SchoolBusAds will inform the advertiser when there is a suitable school district, based on logistics, fleet, etc. for the company.
  • SchoolBusAds will obtain preliminary approval from the school district to accept the company as an advertiser.  The company will begin the process of designing the advertisement.         Click for Art Specs
  • Art Specs 2019 2020 v2
  • When the advertiser is ready to present the ad to the school district, a copy will be reviewed and approved by the board of education (because this has to be done at a regular monthly meeting, this could potentially take a few weeks).
  • When SchoolBusAds receives written board of education approval and the contact information for the school district  transportation department, SchoolBusAds will move forward with scheduling the ad placement on the district fleet.
  • Payment in full before advertisement can be placed.
Installation Of Advertisements:

At SchoolBusAds we use  PIJ46-1 3M Wrap Material to create signs and a team of Certified Application Specialists to apply this material to the buses adhering to the DOT specifications of 3 inches from any reflector,lettering and no wrap will be placed on any rub bar because of the potential damage to the advertisers signs along with the DOT recommendation that the long black bars help to identify this as a school bus. School Bus Ads strives to maintain common sense and safety in its placement and content of Ads.

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