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School Bus Ads The key to funding education


Sahara Sam’s

Target Audience: Women 25-54 with 1 + Children < 14 Years of Age

District Purchase: Washington Twp and Deptford School Districts

Sahara Sam’s Oasis – Indoor and Outdoor Water Park – Prides itself on innovation in both design and communication. We are a small business at the forefront of our industry. Much of our success can be attributed to well calculated and strategic marketing initiatives to the highly sought after 25-54 Mother demographic. SchoolBusAds.org was a natural fit for our marketing mix. The program has allowed Sahara Sam’s to communicate the benefits of our entertainment facilities in an under saturated message channel. The strongest asset of the program came from its ability to speak to both children and parents. Our messages were well received by a highly receptive target consumer in a noninvasive format.

This has been one our most efficient endeavors in the 4 years our facilities have operated.  Our water park has seen significant market growth from the EIRC program. Our consumers were equally as pleased with the design of the program and dissemination of information. The advertising and consumption of the media produced a “Wow! That’s great, thanks for sharing!” effect with our potential (and now current) customer base. It has given parents and children alike the opportunity to educate themselves on a form of family entertainment that Sahara Sam’s already knew they would love. We couldn’t be happier with the level of service, new partnerships, and business growth that the water park has seen from the SchoolBusAds.org program.



Deptford School District

The implementation of school bus advertisement has opened a new revenue stream to the district that was never available to us. It allows the district to offset the rising costs of fuel and other transportation needs without compromising on the essentials of the department.

Chris Rodia Deptford Public Schools 5/29/2013

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